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Super Smash Flash 4

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smash flashSuper Smash Flash 4 is an awesome fighting game. It was developed in the fall of 2014 by the Mcleod Gaming team and has until now been very successful. In fact it is very popular amongst gamers because of the following reasons. It has a lot of characters to choose from. All the characters are unique and have different skills. The game has fantastic graphics to spice it up. They are popular anime characters and therefore are well known by gamers. What You Should Know The Super Smash Flash 4 is a follow up of the first three series of the game. It features a lot of new levels that you can explore and has fantastic battle stages to choose from. In addition to that, another awesome feature is the fact that you have different game modes to choose from including Tournament Mode – where you strive to be the lone champion, the 2Vs2 game where you can play with the PC, and finally the Multiplayer Mode where you can enjoy every single head to head gaming moment with your pals. What It Is All About The main objective of the game is to knock out your opponent. When you do this, your win percentage increases and the opponent’s decreases until they are knocked out. For you to knock out your opponent you must instill in them a high amount of damage. Super Smash Flash 4 controls are easy to master and therefore won’t give you a hard time learning, simply put the left and right keys allows you to move, O helps you to jump, while P is the one button everyone will be looking for (the attack button). Conclusion To make different kinds of attacks all you need to do is combine the movement arrows with the attack button while on motion and every move that you need will just come your way. This and the fact that Super Smash Flash 4 addresses the turn offs that the original version had is unique. For instance it comes with unlimited flash capacity and the multiplayer matches are dedicated to more than two real players at a time.

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